In 2009, I knew that something was seriously wrong with my body.  That June, I woke up with a lump on my neck and a voice that was reminiscent of Minnie Mouse.  The 12 doctors that I saw, at walk-in clinics or the hospital, gave me a variety of medications and requisitions and probably causes but it wasn’t until December 17th that Papillary Carcinoma was added to my vocabulary.  I had a nasty case of thyroid cancer and although it is ususally asily cured, my case was not so simple.  The thyroidectomy that was only supposed to take a couple of hours turned into a six and a half hour procedure; the tumour was much larger than they had realized.  Cancer claimed the nerve controlling my right vocal chords and  all the lymph nodes in my neck and upper chest.  I woke up without much of a voice, with a neck that was huge and I was trapped in a body that felt like it had been sriously violated!  From my first sketches in my hospital bed to the visual journal I kept while I had radioactive iodine ablation and thirty radiation treatments: I know that I have a story to tell.  This is more than just a story… I’m on a mission to help Cancer patients all over the world discover the power of imagination and intent.  Join me on my visual journey through the breakdowns and revelations that my colourful conversation with Cancer and my own mortality .


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